Road Code 2022 – what happens if you are caught without a valid RCA policy, how much is the fine, what happens to you

The Romanian traffic code stipulates the obligation to have an RCA policy, when driving on public roads, both in the case of individuals and legal entities. Those who do not comply with this legislative detail are subject to painful sanctions.

As long as a car has not been removed from circulation, even if it is not functional, it must have RCA. Otherwise, drivers may receive severe penalties that are not limited to fines. There is a high probability that your car registration certificate will be withheld, a detail that comes with a lot of other hassles.

No RCA in traffic? What if you’re caught

The legislation regarding the obligation to have compulsory car insurance is as clear as possible. “Registered or registered vehicles, except for those with animal traction, which circulate on public roads, must have compulsory liability insurance in case of damage caused to third parties by traffic accidents,” the Road Code states.

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If a driver does not have a valid RCA policy for the car registered in his name, the owner risks several types of sanctions. First of all, he is liable to a fine of between 1000 and 2000 lei, according to law 132/2017. Moreover, the traffic police have the possibility to withhold the registration certificate, they can leave the vehicle without the plates with the registration number or registration of the uninsured vehicles. In that case, the police release a replacement proof, but one without a right of movement.

If, within 30 days of withholding the registration certificate, the owner of the car “does not prove his insurance (…), the traffic police shall order the deregistration of the vehicle.” As an important detail, if you are not sure that you have valid MTPL insurance or that the person with whom you were involved in an accident has compulsory car insurance, you can check this detail in real time on the website of the Romanian Motor Insurers Bureau.

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