MWC removes Russian flag after invading Ukraine

The Mobile World Congress 2022 technology fair is about to start, but some companies of Russian origin will not be able to exhibit at it. The GSMA, the MWC organizer, announced that following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, measures will be taken to limit Russia’s presence at the event. However, no measures will be taken that will completely ban the presence of Russian companies.

Russia’s presence at the MWC will be limited

The GSMA declined to say exactly what action it would take against larger companies, but confirmed that there would be no Russian Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress. Traditionally, at the fair in Barcelona, ​​there was a hall where several countries had dedicated areas where smaller companies exhibited their products and could promote their services. Given that Russia is now being criticized internationally, a Russian flag will no longer exist.

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However, larger companies, which occupy large spaces in the Mobile World Congress show, will probably continue to have a presence there. We are talking here about big companies, such as telecom operators. However, the GSMA does not seem to be taking any major action, as long as EU sanctions on Russia do not force the organization to do so.

Here is the official statement posted on the GSMA website:

“The GSMA strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The situation is still very fresh and we understand that various governments are considering greater sanctions on Russia. Following the emerging situation and taking into account the tragic loss of life, MWC no longer seems to be of much importance in these circumstances. MWC is an event that unites, with a vision to bring together the mobile ecosystem to progress in ways that can ensure the prosperity of people, industries and society.

The GSMA complies with all government sanctions and policies resulting from this situation. There will be no Russian Pavilion at MWC22. The safety of the event is constantly checked and helped based on the new information that appears. “

source: TechCrunch

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