“Bad” news for iPhone owners who no longer have Face ID: the phone can be repaired

Until now, any iPhone phone with Face ID authentication technology stopped working during the warranty period was replaced by Apple.

Thanks to some features of Face ID technology that Apple has failed to take into account, any iPhone where this authentication method stopped working due to a hardware defect had to be completely replaced. A reason to rejoice for anyone who owns a relatively worn iPhone XS and at least hopes that the “trouble” will bring a new phone in his pocket.

The problem started with the way the Face ID sensor was calibrated at the factory, and the process could not be replicated even by Apple Authorized Service Center technicians after the Face ID module was replaced. We can only assume that Apple has accomplished the “miracle” without sacrificing the unbeatable security offered by Face ID technology based on infrared scanning of facial features, but from now on, the Face ID module can be replaced and properly calibrated on iPhone XS phones or more. we include this technology.

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To make this possible, Apple has provided service center technicians with unrestricted access to TrueDepth Camera configuration parameters, including the Face ID sensor and any fine-tuning settings applicable to the front camera.

According to Apple, the reasoning behind the decision to unblock access for FaceID reconfiguration is related to the concern for the environment. By improving the repairability of iPhone phones, Apple can reduce the amount of waste sent to recycling, or worse, directly to the landfill.

This will allow Apple technicians to use the Service Toolkit to further determine whether the Face ID feature can be fixed by directly replacing the affected hardware component, or the entire phone.

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