Riot Games unveils roadmap for Premier, VALORANT’s competitive team-based system

PREMIERVALORANT’s competitive system, returns August 29with some changes, new divisions and new rewards.

After the ‘ignition phase’ of the preceding months, this phase 1, which starts next Tuesday, will last until next October 22 and is structured in a registration period (until September 7), a series of weekly games (from September 7 to October 21) and a knockout tournament on October 22.

During the weekly games phase, games will be played on the full selection of competitive maps over seven weeks. Each week will continue to have a specific map and a maximum of two games per week on that map. As for the knockout tournament, teams will now need a Premier score of 675 to qualify for the playoffs.

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Team performance will now be recorded from phase to phase. Participants will receive a division emblem at the end of each phase. And there will be new divisions that will be divided into five levels. Open, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite and Contender.

New rewards have also been introduced as Premier participants will receive a player card if they play a Premier game. For the victory in playoffs, they will get a weapon amulet of their division and a title.

Any VALORANT player with an account in good standing can play Premier. A “good standing” account means that it is not suspended. This also includes those accounts with competitive queue restrictions if such restriction coincides with the registration or play deadline. It also means that players who have received a game suspension, Vanguard intervention, competitive queue restriction or communication restriction within the last 30 days will not be allowed to join a Premier team or queue for Premier games. Players who receive a communication restriction, game suspension or Vanguard intervention during Premier will be disqualified and will not be allowed to play the remainder of the Premier phase.

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