Stryda and RIOT Games present VALORANT Nordic Clash Championship

Stryda has once again joined forces with RIOT Games to announce the championship Stryda VALORANT Nordic Clash. This highly anticipated tournament summons players of all levels to showcase their skills against each other across the Nordic region.

The Stryda VALORANT Nordic Clash tournament, which will begin in October and culminate in an exciting Grand Final in December, promises an extraordinary display of skill, strategy and intensity. This collaboration serves as a testament to Stryda and RIOT Games’ unwavering commitment to elevating and celebrating the talent of esports players.

New addition: Clan Events

While unveiling the Stryda VALORANT Nordic Clash, Stryda is pleased to present a revolutionary addition to its platform: Clan Events. Launched this week, the Clan Events offer a very attractive competition format that not only provides users with a new level of activity, but also serves as a qualifier for the next Stryda Nordic Clash.

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The Clan events focus on collaborative play.; members must pool their skills to accumulate points. The main goal is for clan members to form a group of five and play Valorant games. The victory awards one point to the clanwhile the defeat means the loss of one point. Clans compete on the basis of accumulated points and fight for the first place in the ranking.

Distinctive features of clan events.

Unlike the existing competition format in Stryda, Clan Events have distinctive features that set them apart:

  • Free participation: There is no cost to participate in Clan Events, which guarantees accessibility for all users.
  • Collective game: Clan Events emphasize collaborative play, requiring a team of five clan members to participate in each game.
  • Unique scoring system: The scoring system is uniquely tailored to Clan Events, which enhances competitive dynamics and encourages strategic play.
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This innovative addition not only broadens the horizons of eSports enthusiasts, but also introduces a new way for clans to demonstrate their strength in the gaming arena.

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