Lampago’s two-seat electric trike is frankly adorable –

If you want to buy into the electric vehicle movement, but don’t want to be part of the Tesla trend, or even get a fully functional electric car, we may have a solution for you.

The EV company Lampago has unveiled its two-seat electric trike, and frankly, there is no better word to describe this vehicle than downright cute. With a 30 Ah lithium battery and a 1000 W motor, the trike is capable of a range of 30-50 km, while it can be charged in three hours.

It will also have LED headlights, a spare tire built in, alloy wheels, a digital indicator for the battery and so on, space for a digital thermos (because why not …), a vintage removable umbrella and an analog clock.

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The trike even comes in a wide range of colors and fabric options, so you can build and customize the vehicle to suit your needs. As for how much one of these trikes will set you back, after conversion the trikes seem to sell for around £5,500.

Lampago's two-seat electric trike is frankly adorable

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