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Rick & Morty’s lesson to the fans who did not understand anything about the spirit of animation, after they started behaving like in a “herd”


While Rick & Morty is one of the most popular adult animated series currently running, with a series of comic book spin-offs that offer even more content, some fans of the series seem to spoil all the fun, proving – they are “toxic” in terms of the unwanted elitism they show.

The most recent example of Rick & Morty making a big impact in the real world on his fans came when McDonald’s relaunched Szechuan Sauce, after being featured in the first episode of Season 3.

McDonald’s restaurants soon ran out of sauce, leading to a series of videos on social media where fans can be seen becoming aggressive with employees, despite the animation’s frequent attempts to promote a different kind of entertainment. thinking and behavior.

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Rick & Morty tries, perhaps too subtly, to show “toxic” fans that they have taken the wrong path

In Rick & Morty: Corporate Assets, Morty signs, without Rick’s consent, an intergalactic corporation that later floods the market with Rick and Morty’s content and merchandise. Thus, Rick and Morty become their own fictional counterparts after being introduced to a comic book.

In an effort to escape, Rick uses his influence in the fictional world to create a challenge on social media, known as the “Rick and Morty Challenge”. The parameters of the challenge are to buy Rick and Morty shiny chopsticks, open them and drink the liquid inside, then post the video on social networks.

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Fans don’t know that liquid is, in fact, a portal fluid for Rick and Morty to get out of trouble. Unfortunately, the creation of the portal completely destroys the fan inside, but Rick doesn’t seem to care too much about that aspect of his plan.

In this story, Rick is literally based on the fact that his real-world fans will do whatever nonsense he dictates, and his efforts seem to be successful.

The episode itself wants to sound the alarm and warn of the naivety of the fans, although in this case, given the script of the animated series, they should be part of a select category, in terms of intellectual.

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