All Romanians who have a driver’s license must know what is valid now, but the temporary driving license

All Romanians who have a driver’s license must know what is valid now, as well as those who have a temporary driving license.

According to the Directorate for Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration, starting with March 9, 2022, Government Decision no. 171/2022 on the extension of the alert on the territory of Romania and establishing the measures to be applied during its duration to prevent and combat effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will cease to affect.

The press release of the institution states that the driving licenses that have expired during the alert period will be valid for another three months from the end of the alert status. During the alert period, both driving licenses and provisional driving licenses were valid for the entire duration of the alert.

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Currently, they will be valid for another 90 days so that those in this situation can start the necessary steps to issue new documents, being about 500,000, according to DRPCIV. In order for the congestion to be avoided, the institution also comes up with some recommendations in this regard.

The validity of a driving license in this situation

Thus, the Directorate of Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration recommends citizens who are in this situation to request the issuance of the document in a timely manner, however, using the following steps:

  • making online appointments on the website;
  • paying the equivalent value of the requested documents (through CEC, BCR, SelfPay station network, online at ghiş or online payment services section, postal order, etc.);
  • preparation of the necessary documents for changing the driving license / vehicle registration (the list of documents can be found on the website, documents and forms section);
  • presentation at the headquarters according to the schedule.
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In the case of those who have already applied, the stage of issuing the necessary documents can be followed in real time, on the website in the online services section, category of issuing permit / issuing certificate.

“Depending on the evolution of the requests, measures will be applied at the level of community public services regime allowed in the sense of redistribution of available staff”, it is shown in the communiqué of the institution.

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