Super Mario has something in common with Diablo: the similarities are clear

The upcoming Mario movie has a lot more in common with the gaming world than you might think.

A YouTuber named Zaptagious noticed something funny about the debut trailer for the upcoming Mario movie, as seen by WoWHead.

Lined up with the intro video for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, the clips share much the same beats.

Both videos have that barbarian army at the gates thing going on, with an evil overlord meeting a burly and defiant emissary. Lord of Destruction begins with the Sescheron emissary emerging from the city to see Baal’s mass army, while Mario begins with the prospect of the Koopa army heading to a penguin city straight out of Frozen. Remastered or original, take your pick- the resemblance of both Diablo 2 versions is uncanny.

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After starting from opposite perspectives of the same type of scene, Mario and Diablo almost match pace for pace with some differences in timing. You get the little town rep to make threats he can’t take back, the big bad boy says something naughty and nasty in response, then all hell breaks loose on the poor townspeople.

The resemblance between the two trailers is uncanny

I have to say I was much more disappointed that those penguin guys ate him. They were really cute, whereas the warrior city Sescheron is pretty much anything.

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Instead of suggesting that the nice folks at Illumination had specifically mastered a 21-year-old PC ARPG, I think this instead demonstrates how well they parody a fantasy movie scene.

I mean, you could imagine exactly this happening in Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Lord of the Rings, WoW movie, whatever. The extent to which this Mario scene parallels the notoriously grim Diablo is particularly delicious.

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