REVIEW The Batman: Why It’s Better Than Other Franchise Movies, But Worse Than General Expectations

“The Batman” is one of the most anticipated films of recent months, if not of 2022. The different way of making it has attracted even those who are not necessarily fans of the franchise itself.

Like any other “ordinary mortal,” passionate about cinema, I, in turn, went to see “The Batman” at the cinema last weekend. I was amazed to find a room almost full of “eyes”, since the purchase of tickets. I admit, I was starting to forget what it was like to watch a movie at the cinema with the house closed. I liked and disliked this as well. The explanation is very simple: two years and a bit of pandemic had a devastating effect on my psyche as well. Contradictory is the normal need for human contact, “herd”… if you will.

I wish I could ask everyone there why they came to see “The Batman” at the movies. I figured there were several categories of people from the start: those who came because they loved DC, those who loved Batman, or maybe those who came because “movie at the movies and great boredom at home.” I could not have fallen into any of these predetermined categories.

Why did I go see “The Batman” at the movies?

I’ve heard of the new production, “The Batman,” since the filming was announced, that is, when the word “pandemic” existed only in the vocabulary of health professionals. Ever since then, it has crept deep into my brain that this new Batman could be something else, and I hoped that it would move away from the notion of invincible heroes, with which we have become accustomed over the years. DC, as well as Marvel.

Basca, I don’t remember where I read that the production will resemble, to a certain extent, in terms of approach, “Joker”, that is, a little closer to the monster that lives in us, not necessarily supernatural or power. spectacular. I’ve always been fascinated by how I could translate a script into reality. For example, I will never be intimidated by a horror like “Annabelle”, despite the well-directed scenes, meant to pop popcorn out of your arms at the first squeak of the floor, but my horror will instantly set in my soul when I see a film about a serial killer who benefits from a correspondent in real life.

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“Joker” was exactly that: the bridge between a classic story and possible reality, Joaquin Phoenix fully managing to “humanize” a character who, until once, was seen as pure fiction.

I was hoping that “The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson, would be just that. As a result, I went to the movies with a pretty high level of bearer enthusiasm.

Is it worth going to the movies for “The Batman”?

Of course, I could never give a valid general answer, because an old saying, from the ancestors, says: “how many bordeaux, so many habits”. In other words, it’s not mandatory for everyone to share my opinion, because we have different tastes and it’s very okay.

But if you went to see “The Batman” because you were hoping to see a different “Joker,” you most likely left the cinema a little disappointed, despite the scene inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s work. upside down, after Bruce Wayne chases the Penguin in the opposite direction.

Of course, the film follows the narrative thread of a Batman before the hero knows all too well what he has to do, being a kind of initiatory path of his, in an attempt to save what is possible from Gotham. Unsurprisingly, he finds out, meanwhile, that his family, who were starved to death when he was a mini-bat, is not as innocent as he thought for years, as he tickled, down to the smallest. detail, revenge. This idea is presented to us, in a way, in “Joker”.

Honestly, Robert Pattinson is the right man in the right place. Except for Johnny Depp, who, unfortunately, is not old enough for such a role, I don’t see anyone else wearing gothic makeup, black as embers, better than Pattinson. Beyond the “incomprehensible boy” aspect of the actor, I have to give “Caesar what is Caesar’s”: while his character is still on the path of initiation, as I mentioned earlier, Robert Pattinson has already completed his, being very difficult for me to associate him with the slightly-funny translucent vampire, Edward, from “Twilight”.

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So, no matter what reason you have to go to the movies and see the new “The Batman”, go see it, to form your own opinion. It’s important to know exactly why you like it or, as the case may be, why you don’t like it. Not the other way around, but that’s how we get rid of the “herd” effect – no, not the one I was referring to at the beginning of this review.

Why the current “The Batman” is better than other franchise movies, but not as good as you might have hoped

I have come to the conclusion that I am trying to respond to the challenge in the title. Obviously, “The Batman” (2022) can be considered the best so far, precisely because it tries to create a different approach and shows us, too, Bruce Wayne in a rather vulnerable position. .

However, I strongly believe that such premises could have given rise to a film as good, if not even better, than “Joker”. The ingredients are all there, but no one seems to have bothered to mix them up.

Indeed, the recent film is something else, but not enough to be called a masterpiece, with below zero chances to enter the race for a notable award in cinema.

I will try to avoid talking too much about the acting performances of Pattinson’s colleagues Zoe Kravitz and Collin Farrell, as nothing more can be said about the two. In “The Batman,” we see a placid, erased Zoe Kravitz desperately trying to make up for her shortcomings with an interpretation that is more like the 1930s. Also here, we see a Collin Farrell that you don’t recognize from the beginning, due to the excessive make-up of the Penguin, who suffers the same fate as Jared Leto, in “The House of Gucci” – better said, he loses gracefully in the script .

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