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The wait is over: when Tesla starts working at the European factory


After months of delays, Tesla finally received the official building permit following the environmental approval of its assembly plant on the outskirts of the German capital.

The electric vehicle manufacturer has confirmed the start of deliveries for March 22.

Tesla began sending out invitations to an event on the day of delivery on March 22, at 3:00 p.m., local time, confirming a report from last week. As you probably know, the car manufacturer has already built hundreds of vehicles at the factory, but it is not allowed to sell them to customers.

This was believed to be the last regulatory step required for Tesla to officially begin production at Gigafactory Berlin. However, the approval was linked to about 400 different conditions that the car manufacturer had to meet.

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Tesla has big plans for Europe

Although it seems like a lot of work, German officials said at the time that they expected Tesla to meet all the requirements in the next two weeks.

This would have started production and deliveries at the end of March, and Tesla has now confirmed this by announcing the delivery day event on March 22nd.

The Berlin plant is key to Tesla’s plans to expand into Europe, as it will allow it to build and distribute cars more efficiently. Tesla is currently importing Model Y and Model 3 vehicles from China to European countries, but this is likely to end once Gigafactory Berlin is fully expanded.

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As a result, the Chinese plant will be able to dedicate more production to the local market, which will lead to significant reductions in transportation costs as well as shorter delivery times.

So far, Tesla has only confirmed the Y model for production in Germany, but the company could also produce the Model 3 in the new unit without too many changes. The first models of Model Y electric vehicles produced at the Berlin plant will be equipped with 2170 cylindrical battery cells, with the aim of later switching to 4680 cylindrical cells.

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