Rescue mission to rescue 10 trapped miners in Mexico aborted due to risk of mine collapse

After a group of rescuers from the Mexican Ministry of Defense (Sedena) entered the coal mine where 10 miners have been trapped for more than a week, the authorities have decided to abort the mission claiming that there are no safe conditions to continue with the rescue.

A delegation of rescuers, together with a volunteer miner and a diver, have carried out for two and a half hours an exploration of shaft four of the coal mine in the town of Sabinas, Coahuila, in the north of the country. The operation was carried out to verify the state of the mine, after which they decided to postpone the rescue operation until a date to be determined, as reported by the Mexican network Milenio.

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However, during the two and a half hours of the operation, the rescuers have managed to carry out cleaning work by removing obstacles so that the extraction of water could continue, since the mine collapsed when it came into contact with a river that flooded the coal exploitation.

Hours earlier, a Mexican Army diver descended into a metal cell to supervise the visibility conditions of the mine, as reported by ‘El Sol de Mexico’.

The miners have been trapped underground for almost a week after a subway river caused flooding and blocked the mine exits. The workers are at a depth of 34 meters.

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It was one of the mine workers who made the Civil Protection aware of what had happened, after he managed to get out safely through an old gallery.

The mine began operations in January 2022, and to date there had been no reports of any type of anomaly. However, accidents of this type are common in the region, the last one recorded in June 2021, when seven people lost their lives after the area where they were working was flooded.

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