Remake receives a story trailer – That’s Gaming

Forever Entertainment has released a new trailer for Front Mission 2: Remake, due out June 12 for the Nintendo Switch. The trailer shows off the updated visuals, wanzer combat and some story elements. Check it out below.

The game is set 12 years after the first volume in Aldoresh, where a coup by armed forces has begun. The focus is on three members of the Oceania Cooperative Union – Ash Faruk, Thomas Norland and Lis Stanley. The first two try to flee with their wanzer units while Stanley arrives to free prisoners of war.

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In addition to classic turn-based combat, the remake has a free camera to zoom in. There are also new options for coloring and camouflaging wanzers, an updated soundtrack and support for additional languages. Since Front Mission Second was never released outside Japan on the PlayStation, the remake should be a good way for fans to experience the classic.

Stay tuned for more details and gameplay on the way to release.

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