Really, T-Online? You’ll never turn me into a customer with this trick

It happens about once a year and yesterday it happened again. In the afternoon the doorbell rings. Since I live in an apartment building, I answer the intercom.



Then there’s a knock. A bad premonition creeps up on me. Actually, I should have looked through the peephole, but my hand is faster than my brain. Damned.

Hello, I’m from Telekom.

The guilty conscience at the door

the scam: Telekom uses external sales companies such as Ranger or Ströer, who send people to a number of front doors. The goal: sell contracts and persuade customers to switch. For some time now, they have been attracting visitors with the topic of fiber optics.

The procedure is largely the same: be pushy. Sure, people get paid per contract sold.

Incidentally, this could help against annoying representatives: A smart lock, optionally with a camera.

The first time it was a young man who talked to me and taught me things about Telekom’s high-speed network. Ah, that’s very interesting. At that time I was still gullible, I even let him in.

We were standing in the living room next to my Vodafone router. He babbled at me and already filled out his form on the tablet. I have repeatedly stated in a friendly manner that I do not want to conclude a contract and that he should send me an email.

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It took forever for him to go away again.

The same thing last summer in sweaty: man rings the bell when it’s 35 degrees and is already standing in the stairwell. In the sweat of his brow he tries to sell me something. Charming guy, I’d go for a beer with him, but not like this.

In the Telekom forum, other people report much scarier incidents.

What the representatives build on when everything doesn’t seem to be working: FOMO or fear of missing out, i.e. the fear of missing something. What? If I’m not with Telekom, have I missed a good offer or slow internet? Not true and that sucks!

Important to know: Representatives at the door usually do not offer exclusive offers. You can always book them online or in a shop if you want.

Fiber optic deals on the Telekom website, oh wonder.

Fiber optic deals on the Telekom website, oh wonder.

Telekom, you won’t achieve anything with that!

Nobody in their right mind will sign a contract at the front door, especially if they’re being patronized. You may fish a few contracts out of the pond for ignorant or elderly fellow citizens, but that makes the scam look even more like a scam.

I decide when I switch providers, not you, Telekom.

The worst case: People own a product they don’t want or need.
The best case: Two people’s time wasted.

In any case, Telekom has gambled away its reputation with me. Anyone who tries to force me to do something achieves exactly the opposite: aversion and distance.

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What to do if the representative rings the bell?

Granted: There are also reputable representatives, which of course does not mean that I buy something from them.

Here’s what you can do when the Telekom man or woman rings:

  • Don’t even open the door (logical)
  • Get rid of and don’t let them talk you down

When people engage you in conversation:

  • Show ID and call toll free authorization line 0800 8266347 to make sure it’s not a scam.

If you have signed a contract: You have a right of withdrawal for doorstep sales according to § 312g Abs. 1 BGB. According to § 355 BGB, this is 14 days.

How did I handle the situation yesterday? When the young woman greeted me, I replied: I know you I’m not buying anything and I’m not signing a contract.

She: But you don’t even know me.

I: Yes, I know you and I’m not buying anything. I then closed the door.

Telekom, if you send push buttons to my front door, you won’t see a penny from me.

My colleague Nils has his own ax to grind. Back in the game: Telekom. But it’s best to read for yourself.

Telekom sends salespeople to our front doors to talk us into contracts. I’m sure you know the problem. How do you get rid of the gentlemen and ladies? Have you ever signed a contract at the door and are you still satisfied with it afterwards? Or do you also know such scary stories? Share your own experiences with us in the comments!

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