Bundle with PS5 Disc Edition and Resident Evil 4 now 10 percent cheaper

There is currently an exciting offer for all survival horror fans who are interested in the Playstation 5. You can currently get a bundle with the PS5 Disc Edition and the remake of Resident Evil 4 cheaply from Media Markt. Here you save 10 percent on the RRP of 619.98 euros, which means you only €555 pays!

Buy PS5 with Resident Evil 4 at Media Markt

You get that with the bundle

The set includes the PS5 825GB SSD storage as well as a DualSense controller and the cables required for operation. The Resident Evil 4 remake, on the other hand, is included as a physical version, so you can start playing the game as soon as possible.

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The title itself also creams off top ratings! It scored an incredible 93 out of 100 on GamePro, making it one of the best console games out there. It also scores on Metacritic, where it is the average of a whopping 120 reviews from professional critics.

The high rating refers explicitly to the version for the current-gen consoles. Because on the PS4, the game suffers from strong frame rate fluctuations and the textures also load very late. With the bundle you get the best possible experience, which can impress above all with its strong atmosphere.

To the offer at Media Markt

Why is the PS5 still worth it?

More and more real hits are coming out for the PS5! And at the end of May, the next ones will probably be announced soon. Because then there’s the big Playstation showcase. What exactly you need to know about it, and what rumors are already circulating, you can find out in the following article:

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You can find more interesting gaming and technology deals in the ticker. If you follow this, you will always be informed about current exciting offers and can save money if you are planning an expensive purchase! It is also worth taking a look to stay up to date on current price developments in general.

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