Radu Paraschivescu joins the ProSport team

Top acquisition for the ProSport site: Radu Paraschivescu will be part of the editorial team, along with other important names such as Marius Mitran, Victor Ciutacu, Vali Moraru, Decebal Rădulescu, Marius Tucă, Adrian Artene, Andrei Trifan, Daniel Nazare and Victor Vrinceanu.

Radu Paraschivescu is a writer and translator. He wrote nearly thirty books, including six novels and five books of short prose, and translated one hundred and twenty. Writers have translated Salman Rushdie, Julian Barnes, John Steinbeck, Jonathan Coe, William Burroughs, Kazuo Ishiguro, David Lodge, Stephen Fry, William Golding, Martin Amis and Nick Hornby.

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He has written texts for over twenty collective volumes. He collaborates with Digi FM and Rock FM radio stations, as well as with Digi Sport TV. He writes rhythmically for “New Money” and sometimes for “Old Dilemma.” He made the podcast “Vorbitorincii” in collaboration with Cătălin Striblea.

He has over 3,500 articles written in over twenty publications. He is in love with France, Italy and Portugal (in alphabetical order), as well as the music of Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour, which he always considers assortable with a white wine or a slice of Doboş cake from which the icing cannot be detached in any form. .

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