Queen Elizabeth’s doppelganger announces her retirement after 34 years of service

Queen Elizabeth II’s doppelganger, Mary Reynolds, now 89, has announced her retirement “out of respect” for the monarch, although she will keep the costumes in memory of a woman seven “as part of the family.”

Reynolds lives in Epping, Essex, and began doubling for the queen in 1988 because of her strong resemblance, which she had been told about as early as when she was 17.

He has appeared on television and in films such as ‘Armed Skirt Heist’, starring Roger Moore. He also appeared in an episode of the series ‘Doctor Who’ broadcast in 1988.

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“It’s been a huge privilege to look like her because I think she’s fascinating,” Reynolds told The Press Association. “We’re facing a change of era. Everything is going to be weird now,” she said.

Reynolds has related that he has two boxes full of different hats and closets, the one for his regular clothes and the one for playing Elizabeth II. “I’m not going to need them anymore (…). It makes you sad,” he has explained.

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