Pulp Fiction could have been different: the scene that changed everything. What Samuel L. Jackson confessed

Pulp Fiction actor Samuel L. Jackson recently revealed that the original script of the film was a little different from the one that was later accepted and staged.

Specifically, the script contained a scene in which Samuel L. Jackson’s character killed the thieves seen at the beginning and end of the film.

“Pulp Fiction” was the second feature film written and directed by Hollywood legend Quentin Tarantino. The film tells several interconnected stories, including narratives that follow two gangsters, a boxer, but also two thieves.

The film was a real success in its day, being nominated in 1994 for seven Oscars, later winning the coveted statuette for best original screenplay.

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Samuel L. Jackson had a long working relationship with Tarantino. Throughout the director’s career, Jackson has appeared in six of his films. However, his role in “Pulp Fiction” remains his most iconic portrayal in a Tarantino film.

Jules is a gangster who, after becoming a witness to what he claims to be a miracle, decides to change his life and give up everything that is bad. At the end of the movie, Jules stops the two thieves by himself, but lets them go, admitting that before his big change, he would have killed them both.

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Samuel L. Jackson, About the Pulp Fiction Scene

In a recent interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Jackson revealed that in the original “Pulp Fiction” script, the audience actually saw Jules kill the two thieves.

See Jackson’s statement below:

“In the restaurant, when Tim Roth asks me to open that briefcase, I shoot him in the face and shoot Honeybunny over the counter. When I open my eyes, they are still there, “the actor told the source quoted earlier.

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