When you’ll be able to see Lightyear on Disney+: the big release is “around the corner”

Lightyear has been given a release date on Disney+, and that will happen soon, according to the latest information.

The latest hit coming straight from Pixar Animation makes a foray into the Toy Story that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy line.

Chris Evans voices the famous space ranger.

Despite the character’s popularity, the film was a box office disappointment, missing the top spot on its first weekend of release and falling far short of expectations, financially.

Pixar has announced that Lightyear Animation will arrive on Disney+ on August 3, 2022.

To date, Lightyear has grossed $115 million domestically and $213 million worldwide. The bad news is that it fell to the bottom of the Top 10, so that’s probably about what the box office will be, with the chances of it increasing being almost nil.

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Lightyear also tries his luck on Disney+, after failing to get off to a theatrical start

While Lightyear has been a box office disappointment, it looks like he’s not ready to tell the end of the story just yet, with a chance to test new ground on Disney+.

The last three Pixar films, Soul, Luca and Turning Red have premiered on Disney+ and have been very successful, with Luca being the highest-grossing film of 2021, according to a Neilsen report.

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Disney Animation’s Encanto did respectably at the box office when it opened Thanksgiving weekend in 2021, but failed to earn $100 million domestically. However, shortly after the film premiered on Disney+, it exploded on social media and became a pop culture-worthy phenomenon.

So, following this recipe, Lightyear animation may well meet a similar fate. Whether or not it will.

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