Pro-Russian hacker group takes down Japanese government web portal

The Japanese government’s web portal has suffered a cyber attack and has become inaccessible due to the actions of a group of pro-Russian hackers who have claimed responsibility for the incident.

The National Incident Preparedness and Strategy Center for Cybersecurity has detailed that the government website has been subject to a so-called ‘DDoS’ attack, in which hackers overwhelm a network and send floods of data from multiple sources over a short period of time, ‘Japan Times’ has reported.

The pro-Russian hacker group that has claimed responsibility for the attack, ‘Killnet’, has stated its crimes in a message on Telegram, according to the cited newspaper.

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In addition, the hacker group has claimed that it was rebelling against Japan’s “militarism” and was “kicking samurai,” Kyodo news agency has learned.

The functions of the Japanese Public Administration website include allowing people to request public services from local governments, collecting comments on specific issues, displaying laws and legal changes, and providing a directory of various government sites.

Previously, “Killnet” has already launched cyber attacks on the government websites of countries that have supported Ukraine following the Russian invasion of its territory.

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