Apple announces Apple Watch Series 8 with body temperature sensor and Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has announced the new Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch with a sensor that measures body temperature.

According to the company, the device can detect temperature changes of just 0.1 degrees Celsius and measures temperature every 5 seconds. This new feature can help women find out when they are ovulating. The data is encrypted locally, directly on the watch.

The watch comes with a slightly changed design compared to the Series 7, with a larger display. Apple Watch Series 8 also includes fast charging technology, increased durability and a crash detection system. Crash Detection can identify four different types of crashes: rollover, side impact, front impact and rear impact. This feature is only active when the user is driving, to conserve battery life.

Series 8 has 18 hours of battery life, just like last year’s model. However, a battery saver mode is available which gives 36 hours of battery life. The device still includes fall detection technology, useful for older users.

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The watch will be available in four colors. The version that includes only the GPS sensor will cost $399, and the one that includes LTE connectivity will be priced at $499.

Apple Watch Series 8 will debut on the market on September 16.

Apple Watch Ultra is a smartwatch designed to withstand tough conditions

Along with the Watch Series 8, Apple has released the Watch Ultra, a larger and more rugged smartwatch than the other models in the company’s offering.

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The new model comes in a different design. The case is 49 mm and made of titanium.

The device is aimed at people who spend a lot of time outdoors, explorers or extreme sports enthusiasts. Apple Watch Ultra has up to 60 hours of battery life

In case of an accident, the watch includes an 86-decibel siren that allows others to hear users.

For divers, the watch automatically launches a dedicated app when they are in the water. What’s more, the model has EN 13319 certification for divers.

The watch will debut on the market on 23 September for $799

Photo Credit: Apple

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