Primer and Coinbase partner to create crypto-currency payment method

Primer, the world’s leading payment orchestration and commerce automation infrastructure, and crypto-currency company Coinbase have partnered to make crypto-currency a standard payment method. The joint venture announced a strategic integration on Oct. 18, allowing merchants around the world to include crypto as a payment method at checkout.

Primer and Coinbase on crypto-currency payments

As a result of the collaboration, Primer merchants can now include crypto payments to their checkouts quickly and easily. Coinbase Commerce can now be added to Primer’s universal checkout with just a few clicks. Primer’s addition of crypto payments is another testament to businesses meeting consumer demands. A 2021 study found that 4 in 10 people plan to adopt crypto currency as an alternative payment method this year. This set of people are found in Latin America, North America, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. At the same time, the research revealed that more Millennials are ready to explore crypto use and payment.

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Coinbase Commerce Group product manager Roy Zhang spoke about the new crypto payment. He said that consumers are continually showing interest in crypto payments amidst widespread adoption. Zhang continued:

“Merchants are faced with the challenge of building seamless checkout experiences that give consumers the flexibility they want. Through the collaboration of Coinbase Commerce and Primer, any merchant can make secure crypto-currency payments as easily accessible to their customers as traditional payment methods like credit cards.”

In addition, Primer also said it has experienced a growing appetite for crypto as a payment method from its customers. The company has merchants across multiple industries in Europe, the U.K., the U.S. and Asia-Pacific. Now, merchants who integrate Primer once can add Coinbase Commerce to their payment page. After that, they will be able to provide crypto-currency payments to demanding consumers.

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Benefits of the latest integration

More interestingly, some of the benefits of the new service include reduced fees and more. Both Coinbase and Primer benefit from this alliance. The crypto company’s traders will no longer have to deal with the challenges of holding and managing crypto. On the other hand, Primer customers can now say goodbye to the complexity of adding crypto to their coffers. A simple click and go.

Gabriel Le Roux, co-founder of Primer, said:

“Crypto-currencies are a rapidly evolving reality of the payments landscape, and we are excited to integrate Coinbase Commerce with Primer’s Universal Cashier to create the first solution that helps merchants easily and quickly accept crypto-currencies. We share the ambition to make crypto-currency a commonly accepted payment method, and we want to help merchants implement it with the same ease and speed they would any other payment method. With Primer’s unique, code-free integration, merchants around the world can now add crypto to their checkout in just a few clicks.”

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