Price-performance e-scooters with street approval are still heavily discounted even after Black Friday

Various e-scooters are now heavily discounted on Amazon. Among them is not only the absolute bestseller from NIU, but also a particularly inexpensive model from RCB. Even my e-scooter is €100 cheaper with a voucher, but it still can’t keep up with the other offers in terms of price. Below you will find out how the e-scooters differ and which one is better as a Christmas present for you or your loved ones.

Get a powerful e-scooter with a 20% discount on Amazon

RCB ‎EV85F – a real price-performance monster

  • Street legal
  • 400W Frontmotor
  • up to 30 km range
  • Puncture-proof 8.5-inch honeycomb tires
  • max. load capacity: 120kg
  • Weight: 15kg

One of the cheapest e-scooters on Amazon currently scores with impressive technical data. A 400W motor is really something special in this price range and with a range of 30km it beats many high-priced e-scooters on the market.

The design is strongly reminiscent of the excellent Evercross EV10K Prowhich I also drive. Both scooters share the powerful 400W. The tires installed are also similar: honeycomb tires are not filled with compressed air, but rely on a flexible material with holes for suspension and traction. They are immune to sharp edges and splinterswhich are on your way, do not offer the same driving comfort as air-filled tires.

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This is compensated by a double spring system with a suspension fork on the front wheel and a double shock absorber on the rear wheel. Another difference between the two models is the tire size, which can also contribute to driving comfort. The cheap e-scooter on offer on Amazon only has 8.5-inch tires, while my currently slightly more expensive EV10K Pro is equipped with 10-inch tires.

Get a powerful e-scooter with a 20% discount on Amazon

The bestseller on Amazon: NIU KQi1

  • Street legal
  • 450W Heckmotor
  • up to 25 km range
  • wide 9-inch pneumatic tires
  • max. load: 100kg
  • Weight: 15.4kg

Even more heavily discounted, but still a little more expensive: The NIU KQi1 is currently the bestseller among e-scooters on Amazon. And not without reason: With 450W motor power The NIU is one of the top legal e-scooters with street approval.

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The maximum permitted speed for e-scooters everywhere in Germany is 20 km/h. A scooter must not exceed this limit if it is to be street legal. It doesn’t actually take much to accelerate quickly to 20 km/h, which is also the reason why most e-scooters run on 300-350W. For this price, 450W is a real announcement.

NIU also has wide 9-inch pneumatic tires, which you shouldn’t drive through a pile of broken glass without paying attention, but which in return offer you a very quiet and gentle driving experience. On the other hand, the range of the NIU is slightly shorter than that of the RCB. With 25 km you can still get through the day easily in the city center.

Get the e-scooter bestseller 28% cheaper on Amazon

If you’re looking for more strong offers like this, check out our Deal-Ticker. There are lots of deals and discount campaigns there that can save you a lot of money on your next purchase.

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