Sotheby’s auctions 3 Bitcoin Ordinals by Shroomtoshi

The auction house Sotheby’s offers for sale a selection of ” BitcoinShrooms “from the Ordinals project by the artist Shroomtoshi.

Last night, New York’s Sotheby’svia its web3 branch, has announced the opening of a 7-day auction for 3 digital artifacts created by the anonymous artist. Shroomtoshi.

Launched in October as Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain, Shroomtoshi’s BitcoinShrooms collection “captures the crypto-currency zeitgeist through nostalgic and hyper-referential fashions,” according to the announcement.

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“The BitcoinShrooms collection is a pixelated recap of Bitcoin’s first 13 years, a tribute to the 8-bit art style that expresses a slight ’90s nostalgia, a way to sully tens of thousands of SSDs spread around the world with my art (-> next-level cyber-vandalism), a tool to raise public awareness of Bitcoin and what I personally consider its fundamentals, an ironic way of expressing myself on what I consider its pop elements and annoying aberrations,” explained Shroomtoshi.

This is the first time that Shroomtoshi’s Ordinals inscriptions have been offered for sale. The unit sale price of BitcoinShrooms is estimated at between $20,000 and $30,000 by the auction house, which is also organizing a sale of Ordinals for the first time.

Ordinalswhich has been in operation since early 2023, enables the creation of registrations, a kind of NFT, on the BTC blockchain. The protocol has resurrected a long-standing debate and is now dividing the Bitcoin community. According to tracker Dune, Ordinals currently boasts almost 50 million registrations.

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Sotheby’s regularly organizes sales for digital assets, including rare and sought-after NFTs. This summer, the company raised 631 ethers through the sale of Vera Molnรกr’s collection of generative artworks.

Recently, Sotheby’s teamed up with crypto-wallet manufacturer Ledger to offer limited-edition Nano Xs to collectors who win NFTs at its auctions.

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