Porsche continues to innovate: what it has managed to implement in 26 countries

The sports car manufacturer Porsche says it has managed to introduce the online car sales system in 26 countries, out of 100 it has implemented the search system.

Porsche is one of the leading car manufacturers to pioneer the online car sales segment, managing to implement a complete system of this type of sales in a quarter of the markets in which it operates.

Out of a total of 100 countries where he has implemented the configuration system, in 26 the system can go all the way with commands of the chosen cars. Porsche says that in the last year, about 5,800 vehicles of the brand have been sold out of stock through the online channel, an increase of more than three times compared to the previous year, when 1,700 cars were sold online. The company says it has identified 110,000 potential customers on the platform worldwide, 61% more than in 2020.

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In total, there are 1.1 million users who use Porsche’s online platform every month. In Europe, Porsche’s online car sales are available in all major markets from 2021, the company says.

Over 26 countries

Instead, in China and the US, work is underway to implement the online sales platform. In Romania, the program is available through Porsche Finder, which allows the selection of Porsche models and the payment of an advance directly on the site. Porsche has launched online vehicle sales for the first time in Germany in 2019.

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“We continue to grow our online car sales with a clear customer focus,” said Jacqueline Smith-Dubendorfer, vice president of Smart Mobility & Digital Sales. “Our customers can give us direct feedback about the digital marketplace platform. In addition, we get a more detailed picture of their preferences. In three months, we have collected over 4,000 customer reviews and we use them systematically to improve our services. ”

The online car sales system has been introduced by some newly launched brands, such as Polestar, owned by Volvo and Geely, as an exclusive sales system. Later, Polestar opened some customer centers, where cars can be seen or even tested, but the purchase is still made exclusively online.

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