Polygon partners with Salesforce on Web3 loyalty programs

Polygon Labs should benefit from the expansion of Salesforce in the world of Web3 and the NFT. Via its CRMusers can create their own loyalty programs based on the L2.

The loyalty has been touted for years as an ideal use case for blockchain and its technologies. However, applications have been slow to emerge. The Starbucks Odyssey program is now a benchmark in this area.

For its creation, retail giant Starbucks relied on Layer 2 Polygon. And with the arrival on the market of Salesforceits publisher, Polygon Labshopes to have a new ally of weight.

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Loyalty, a new Eldorado for Polygon

Last week, the leading SaaS CRM vendor announced the launch of a new platform: Salesforce Web3. Thanks to its tools, the firm intends to industrialize the uses of Web3 and NFT.

To achieve this, it can count on Polygon Labs. On TwitterRyan Wyatt, its president, says a partnership has been formed. Its objective is to enable the creation of loyalty programs involving non-fungible tokens.

Salesforce will help customers integrate with Polygon using its management platform to create token-based loyalty programs,” Wyatt said.

And the executive quotes his new partner: “Most of Salesforce’s customers use Ethereum or Polygon “.

The potential for development is considerable for the blockchain player given the American’s market share in the digital marketing.

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NFTs and other tokens, the revival of loyalty

Since last week, and after the launch of NFT Cloud in beta, the editor markets two tools under subscription: Web3 Connect and NFT Management for the creation and deployment of NFT.

With these SaaS applications, the firm led by billionaire Marc Benioff allows its customers to monitor “real-time blockchain data from collections launched on Ethereum and Polygon” within their CRM.

The loyalty is a strategic issue for brands. And in this sector, Polygon is developing its expertise. In addition to Starbucks, the L2 is also collaborating with the online bank NuBank to create the Nucoin.

NFTs are also a way for companies to build new loyalty modes. The luxury industry is among the most active in this sector.

To meet this demand, native Web3 editors have emerged, such as the French Cohort or Hang. They will now have to deal with Salesforce.

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