Action-roguelite platform game ‘Trinity Fusion’ comes to Early Access on April 13 – That’s Gaming

The time is approaching to save the multiverse from total destruction! Indie developer Angry Mob Games is pleased to announce that their action-roguelike Trinity Fusion is coming to Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store on April 13.

“We have a lot of content in the works for Trinity Fusion. Given the great feedback we received from players during Steam Next Fest and events like EGX, releasing in Early Access was an easy decision to make. With the Early Access release, we can continuously get the same great feedback on our new biomes, enemies and bosses, while adding more and more for players to explore and fight through. – Bogdan Iliesiu, Angry Mob Games

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Trinity Fusion is a rogue-lite action platform game in which players take on the role of Maya, a cross-dimensional warrior psychically connected to her three parallel selves. Faced with the imminent collapse of their worlds due to the threat of mutants and machines intent on razing all human life to the ground, you must coordinate with her alternate identities to overcome the rebellion and merge their worlds to stop the collapse of the multiverse.

Each of the three realities has not only its own unique challenges, but also a unique version of Maya, complete with her own weapons and abilities. Deploy equipment that hits enemies with status effects, remotely apply heavy bursts of damage with ranged weapons, or fight at close range with knives and hammers: each style of attack brings you closer to reversing the demise of the multiverse.

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Trinity Fusion takes the genre to new heights by combining exciting, fast-paced combat based on a strong, compelling narrative. The Early Access release vastly expands on the polished battles of the Next Fest demo – in addition to new terrestrial biomes to explore, stories to discover and an array of new modifiers that fundamentally change gameplay as you progress and more.

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