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There are only two weeks to go before the third edition of Heroes Made in Asia kicks off at the Evenementenhal Gorinchem, but that won’t stop the organizers of the event centered around Asian pop culture from announcing even more awesome components! Today, the organization announced that some really cool in-game bonuses will be activated in the Pokémon GO app on May 6 and 7, including additional Pokéstops, Pokéballs and unique encounters with various rare Pokémon.

Extra stops, longer lures and rare Pokémon

During Heroes Made in Asia, the event will feature additional Pokéstops to be added to the game, which players can turn to get items such as Pokéballs. As every Pokémon GO player knows, this isn’t the only thing you can do at a Pokéstop; in fact, you can also Lure Modules Activate, which provide significantly more wild Pokémon for any player walking near there. One of the special bonuses, however, is that these Lure Modules remain active for as much as six hours during the event, instead of one hour.

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There will also be a special Field Research are available to visitors to the event. The rewards of completing these Field Research include encounters with Porygon, Joltik and the incredibly rare Unown M & A. For fans who want to catch and discover even more after May 6 and 7, there will also be a similar in-game event during the Heroes Dutch Comic Con event on June 24 and 25 at Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Global sensation

When Pokémon GO launched in 2016, it was immediately an incredible success. With millions of players worldwide, you couldn’t ignore the game in the days after its Dutch launch on July 16, 2016; all over the country, the streets suddenly turned into groups of people running town and country to catch Pokémon. The mobile game uses augmented reality and GPS, making the beloved Pokémon appear to be in the real world. These Pokémon, such as the popular Pikachu, for example, can be caught by sliding your finger across the screen to throw a Pokéball. In addition to catching Pokémon, you can take over so-called Gyms, the bad guys of Team Rocket Beat them and complete all kinds of tasks to earn fun rewards.

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Pokémon Trading Card Game area

In addition to the mobile game and bonuses, there is also a Pokémon Trading Card Game Area at Heroes Made in Asia for the first time this year. Here, fans can buy graded Pokémon cards. You can greatly expand your collection here, as the very latest sets will be available during the weekend.

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