Bitcoin developer Dhruv to create his own startup

Dhruvkaran Mehta moves away from the team Bitcoin Core to devote itself to a new project focused on the first crypto from market.

This week, Dhruvkaran Mehtaalias Dhruvstated that he did not wish to receive any Bitcoin Core Grants for another year as he planned to focus on a “Bitcoin startup”.

I have an idea for a #Bitcoin startup that I’m so passionate about that some nights I have trouble sleeping. I feel like I have to try it, he explained.

Dhruvkaran Mehta works on Bitcoin Core, the main open source client for the Bitcoin protocol, since summer 2020. The former software engineer at Google contributed to BIP324, an enhancement proposal to encrypt traffic between nodes in the Bitcoin network.

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BIP324 is in better hands than mine. Pieter Wuille takes over the PRs starting with his last #27479. There is obviously no one better to take this to the finish line. Thanks for showing me the ropes, Pieter Wuille,” he added.

Like other developers on the Bitcoin Core team, Dhruvkaran Mehta received a remuneration in the form of grants paid by entities, such as Spiral (ex-square crypto), that support the development of BTC.

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