WILD HEARTS receives Lethal Blossoms Update on April 6 – That’s Gaming

Omega Force has just added Grimstalker and new weapons and armor to WILD HEARTS and announced that the next major content update, called “Lethal Blossoms,” will go live on April 6. It adds a new Kemono species – the Murakumo, a monster that resembles a fox and channels petals to attack and look fantastic. Check out the trailer below.

Getting close to Murakumo can be tricky, as it can make platforms out of sakura blossoms and jump on them. It also releases a tornado when enraged, which it can use to easily take players out. Fortunately, there is a new Karakuri tool – the Spinning Top – to even the odds. It bounces off the surroundings and Kemono, moving faster and gaining more power, with the ability to trip an enemy.

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Core Orbs are another new addition, earned from Volatile Kemono and used to further upgrade weapons and armor. You get different Core Orbs depending on the Kemono, and each armor has different effects based on the upgrade.

More to come next month. On April 20, a new Deeply Volatile Kemono, Deathhaze Gloombeak, will be added. There will also be new Serial Hunts, where you must hunt down as many Kemono as possible before you fall. In the meantime, stay tuned for more details.

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