Playstation 5 Pro: Update on rumours and gamers’ expectations

Three years after the release of the PlayStation 5, will we finally be entitled to a Pro version of Sony’s Next-Gen? Let’s take stock of the latest rumors and players’ expectations!


While the PlayStation 5 has been out for 3 years, rumors about a possible improved version of the console, known as PS5 Pro, continue to spark impatience among video game enthusiasts. In this article, we take stock of these rumors and what players can expect.

The clues of a Playstation 5 Pro in development

Playstation 5 stock images

Although Sony has not officially confirmed its development, insiders claim that the PlayStation 5 Pro is “100% in development”. It is notably the patents filed by Sony and the leaks that have fueled speculation around this new version. As a result, we can anticipate a development comparable to that of its predecessor, the well-known PlayStation 4..

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A life cycle similar to the PS4?

Given that the PS4 Pro was released three years after the PS4, the release projections for the next system are not all that surprising, especially when we consider the shortage of semiconductors that has hampered PS5 production in recent years. The release of the PS5 Pro could therefore arrive in 2024, for the end of the year holidays.

Technical characteristics revised upwards

If the PS5 Pro follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the PS4 Pro, we can expect a more powerful and improved version of the current Play station 5. The PS4 Pro was essentially an improved version of the standard PS4, with the same controller but better graphics performance and VR compatibility.

What improvements can we expect for the PS5 Pro?

Assuming Sony keeps up the momentum, here are some of the improvements gamers could expect with the PlayStation 5 Pro:

  • Improved graphics performance: The PS5 Pro may have better resolutions and faster frame rates than the standard PS5.
  • More storage: With ever-larger games, the PS5 Pro’s storage capacity could be increased.
  • Better VR compatibility: The PS5 Pro could better support Sony’s future VR headsets, with increased performance and an optimized user experience.
  • Redesigned design: As with the move from PS4 to PS4 Pro, the PS5 Pro should have a slightly different look than the present PS5.
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And what about a PS5 Slim?


Beyond the PS5 Pro, some are also talking about a PS5 Slim, which would be a more compact and cheaper version of the current PS5. The PlayStation 5 being marketed since the end of 2020 and still remaining a sweet dream for many video game lovers, this Slim version could allow Sony to meet the demand.

A Shift in strategy in the face of stock limitation?

The PS5’s inventory situation hasn’t really gotten better since its launch. If initial stocks were limited, one wonders if the PlayStation 5 Slim could change things by offering an accessible alternative to more players.

Rumours concerning the PlayStation 5 Pro and PS5 Slim continue to stoke debate among gamers and the trade press.

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