After Us comes out May 23 – That’s Gaming

Developer Piccolo Studio, best known for Arise: A Simple Story, announced After Us last December. While it may not have been the most eye-catching announcement, it certainly caught attention with its promise of a surreal platform adventure. Now it has been confirmed when the game will be released and new gameplay details have been revealed.

After Us will be released May 23 and takes players to a surreal version of Earth in a distant future where all life has been wiped out. Players play as a tiny nymph brought into the world for the first time. In a PlayStation Blog post, Piccolo Studio general manager Alexis Corominas describes the game’s setting as “a strange, oniric, but ultimately captivating world where everyday objects float around, some small, others huge, and where a layer of dangerous oil stains the land.”

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In terms of gameplay, After Us will use a mix of combat, platforming, puzzles and traversal challenges, all spread across the ten biomes that will make up the game’s world. The game promises abstract art designs, high-speed platforming and movement, a dynamic camera system, environmental storytelling and more. Check out the gameplay trailer below for more details.

When the game releases, After Us will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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