Tezos: 5 years and a strong foothold in France

Founded by the Franco-American couple Kathleen and Arthur Breitmanblockchain Tezos celebrates its 5 years of existence. Its special feature: automatic, synchronized updates.

“Pioneering open-source blockchain on Proof-of-Stake liquid consensus and on-chain governance”. This is how Tezos presents itself, and today the project celebrates its fifth anniversary.

The network was created in 2018. And if Tezos is so well developed in France, not least because of the origins of its founders. The project is the brainchild of the Franco-American duo Kathleen and Arthur Breitman.

400 bakers worldwide

Tezos launched its BetaNet network in June 2018. The Mainnet will go into production in September. However, Tezos was born well before 2018. It was in 2017, for example, that the founders made their ICOraising $232 million.

A Proof-of-Stake blockchain, Tezos is based on validator nodes, which are used to validate the transactions. bakers. The network counts over 400 bakers worldwide.

Since the Ithaca update in April 2022, you need to stake at least 6,000 tez (equity or delegations) to start baker.”

In France, some large companies are fulfilling this role. Such is the case ofUbisoft and Exaion (a subsidiary of EDF), for example. Between 2022 and 2023, 15 Corporate Bakers joined the Tezos ecosystem, including Lugh.

Becoming a baker enables innovation departments to take ownership of techno. A corporate baker is generally a company that launches a project behind it”, declared Hadrien Zerah.

Tezos and self-modification for differentiation

Tezos has serious technical advantages on the market, as explained to RoyalsBlue.com the director of Nomadic Labs. The main thing, he insisted, was its “self-modification feature” coupled with a on-chain governance.

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These particularities make it possible “to bring technological innovation without the need for a hard fork. And that reassures a lot of people, especially industrialists and financial institutions”.

Since its launch, Tezos has 14 upgradesall deployed automatically and synchronously”. One upgrade has just gone live, Nairobiactivated on June 23.

Nairobi has delivered a series of protocol enhancements such as an up to 8x increase in transactions per second (TPS) and new features for Smart Rollups that can track protocol updates and evolve in sync with Layer 1″, details the open source project.

Growth, but not at any price

Tezos is very active in France. According to a Deloitte13% of French Web3 projects are based on Tezos. This puts the blockchain in second place after Ethereum.

From e-sports to luxury goods, corporates and startups are relying on Tezos technology to develop innovative projects, like PMU which, using this technology, launched Stables at the beginning of the year”, quotes the project.

To grow, including on the DeFi, Tezos is looking to differentiate itself through its method. For Hadrien Zerah, the multiplication of “incentive programs” is not a good solution for accelerating development in decentralized finance such as NFT.

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Why? This approach would otherwise risk attracting “a community more oriented towards profit and speculation.”

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