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The puzzle platform game BEAM, Binary Impact’s debut title, concludes the story surrounding Captain Martin and the AI-powered escape capsule MARBLE with the third and final chapter. The physics-puzzle platform game requires complete concentration as new challenges, environmental puzzles and difficult skill passages await in the brand new environment. To celebrate its release, BEAM is currently available on Steam at 75% off as part of the Steam Summer Sale. Players who have already purchased BEAM can download the 3rd chapter completely free via update.

Including the new chapter, BEAM offers about 12 hours of tricky fun and sends the player back to civilization after being shipwrecked through three futuristically designed chapters. To complete each level, the different mechanisms of the different light beams must be used wisely. While MARBLE can use orange light beams as a path using smoke, red light beams are elastic and act as a trampoline, for example. A total of five different light beams provide variety in gameplay with their respective characteristics.

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The challenging precision platformer is supported by driving synth sounds, the soundtrack is also available at 50% off during the Steam Summer Sale.

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