Pittsburgh Knights launch internship program

Pittsburgh Knights y PNC Bank have announced a new esports internship program to provide women with opportunities in the industry.

The program Women In Esports Internship will give the chosen participants the opportunity to work with the esports team. The program will consist of two initial interns: Jing Hua Toh and Kelly Liu.

Pittsburgh Knights is an e-sports organization perhaps best known for its ties to the NFL franchise Pittsburgh Steelers and rapper Wiz Khalifa. The organization has teams in Rainbow Six, iRacing, Mortal Kombat and Madden, and competes both locally and internationally.

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PNC Bank has been a partner of the Pittsburgh Knights since 2020, and the two companies highlighted the importance of mentoring and supporting women in eSports as primary goals of the internship.

In the new mentorship program, the two participants will join the organization during the summer months and work with the Pittsburgh Knights in their technology and eSports departments. According to the company, Jing Hua Toh will work in AI-focused roles for the Knights and Kelly Liu in content creation.

The organization did not mention whether the two participants will have the opportunity to stay with the Knights after the internship period is over. It was also not disclosed whether the internship will continue after the summer.

James O’Connor, CEO, Pittsburgh Knights

This project, in partnership with PNC Bank, demonstrates our dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive environment in the eSports industry. PNC’s long-standing support of the communities it serves and its ongoing efforts to empower women have served as an inspiration to the Knights.

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