Physicist shares doubts about recent viral ‘alien corpses’ -.

Lately, the Internet has been in uproar again after Mexico revealed a bunch of mummified corpses that, by the words of researcher Jaime Maussan under oath, are said not to be part of our earthly evolution. That is, they are aliens. As you might expect, UFO-enthusiast groups have taken this statement and run wild, and now physicist Brian Cox has gone to X to share his thoughts on the matter.

“Of course I was asked about this story. My immediate reaction – they are far too humanoid. It is very unlikely that any intelligent species that evolved on another planet would resemble us. Second – send a sample to 23andme – let alone the university down the road – and they will tell you within 10 minutes.

What do you think of these “aliens”? Do you believe they are real or are they just another hoax?

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Physicist shares doubts about recent viral 'alien corpses'

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