Internet laughs at Tinder’s $500 a month subscription model

Tinder Select is intended for pretty and rich people.  (Image: nyul -

Tinder Select is intended for pretty and rich people. (Image: nyul –

Finding the right partner in the Internet age can be a challenge (even though a portal once promised that singles would fall in love every eleven minutes).

Bars and discos no longer seem to be the places where you can find the perfect woman or man. People now search online using dating apps.

But they also have to struggle with problems. Harassment and ghosting behavior – i.e. simply not contacting you and disappearing – are the order of the day. Additionally, so many people are using dating apps that matches are few and far between.

At least for this, the well-known app Tinder now offers a new solution: Tinder Select for $500 per month. We clarify what’s behind it – and how the Internet reacts to it.

Was ist Tinder Select?

No, that’s not a joke and there aren’t two zeros too many. Priced at around $500 per month, this plan is designed for Tinder users who spend a lot of money to find someone.

But not everyone can become part of the program. You have to go through an application process and if you give Bloomberg confidants, not even one percent of applicants pass this process.

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Tinder Select is only for select individuals.  (Image: Tinder)

Tinder Select is only for select individuals. (Image: Tinder)

Tinder Select is said to offer the following advantages:

  • Send direct messages to users up to twice a week, even without a match
  • Profile pictures are not pixelated and are given preferential treatment
  • Special status with a VIP brand in the profile
  • Most popular profiles are displayed and Select profiles themselves are shown preferred
  • Early access to new app features before anyone else
  • The knowledge of being one of the fewer than one percent who are allowed to use Tinder Select

You can find all information about membership on Tinder.

The internet laughs

When the internet posts memes about you, you’ve either done something damn right or damn wrong. At least people can’t really take Tinder Select seriously.

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Tinder is also getting its fat on Reddit. Especially in a German sub-Reddit, users leave out. A user writes:

Extremely good idea to make attractive people pay to be seen, otherwise they miss it so much


Many others take it with humor:

I still understand Tinder, but why buy premium if you’re already very attractive?


If you are generally interested in the topics of dating apps and love, please take a look at the following two articles: We asked an expert how dating apps have changed our behavior. And we asked ChatGPT what love means to AI.

Tinder offers Tinder Select, a special service for $500 a month, whose existence can rightly be doubted as a joke. Do you think he has people promoting themselves for $500 a month? Have you ever used a dating app? If so, were you successful with it? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

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