Petro finalizes his investiture after symbolic inauguration with Colombia’s indigenous people and social movements

The president-elect of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, is finalizing the details of his inauguration this Sunday after a more symbolic one held on Saturday before representatives of indigenous peoples.

In the Popular and Spiritual Possession held at the Tercer Milenio Park in downtown Bogota Petro and his vice president, Francia Marquez received the Popular Mandate from popular, community, ethnic and social authorities, in addition to a representative group of social movements. This Popular Mandate “gathers the feelings of the organized people for the strengthening of social power”, according to RTVC radio station.

In response, Petro pledged to recognize organized popular movements as political interlocutors within the framework of his new government.

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“Despite the differences, a coordination of the popular world must appear in Colombia. A Popular National Assembly that can interlocutor with the Government, which starts tomorrow, because we do not want the Government to replace the popular movement,” Petro said.

Petro has thus called on the population to organize in the different sectors and territories “to build the transformations hand in hand with the organizational bases.”

“From the Colombian people we need organization. There is an organized part, you are a part of it, but deeply important for the days to come to increase the quality and quantity of the popular organization in Colombia”, he affirmed.

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