Tesla drivers can’t find the horn, so the button will be moved in a software update

The new Tesla Model S and X models, launched early last year, came with major changes to the dashboard, albeit minor on the outside. The steering wheel was the element that saw the biggest changes, being transformed from a traditional, round-shaped one to one more akin to an airplane handle, with the top of the circle removed. This change also came with other important changes, which led to driver confusion. Some of them couldn’t even quickly find the horn, but a firmware update will put this button back in the center where it should have been from the start.

Tesla drivers couldn’t find the horn button, so it will be moved to a more natural position

Currently, those who want to honk the horn on the handlebars of the Tesla Model S have to press on the top-right side of the steering wheel, not in the center where the Tesla logo is. However, when you turn right, the position of the button moves to the left side, since you’d have no way to quickly press it in the original position. Drivers complained that the original placement and moving position in use is not intuitively accessible, leading to emergency situations where the horn was hard to find.

Elon Musk has confirmed, however, that a future update will move the horn button from the steering wheel’s buttoned surface to the central area, where the driver’s airbag is located. All cars built from November 2021 to the present have this button already installed, but a software update is needed to activate it.

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Changing the position of the horn button isn’t the only thing Tesla has done with its new cars. For example, they no longer have a gearshift at all, switching between Drive, Park and Neutral is automatic. The car can intuit whether you want to go backwards or forwards and knows when you’ve parked. Those who want to change direction manually can do so only from the on-board touchscreen.

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