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which vanilla ice creams have been withdrawn by the Health Department for containing 2-chloroethanol


The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) has reported this Monday that batches of Häagen-Dazs brand vanilla ice cream from France in which the presence of 2-Chloroethanol has been detected are being withdrawn from marketing channels in Spain.

This is an update of the alert that the Aesan, under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, issued last July 11 upon detection of this substance – a metabolite of ethylene oxide – in the aforementioned ice creams, but then there was no record yet that the batches will affect Spain.

According to the information that the Aesan has disseminated this day through its website, the company has contacted all its customers to block the stock of its warehouses and remove the affected products from the point of sale.

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Likewise, the company communicates that consumers who have purchased one of these affected products should dispose of them and can contact its Customer Service.

As initially reported, the origin of the contamination is to be found in the Madagascar vanilla extract used in its manufacture.

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