Peruvian congressman accused of raping a female congressional staffer is handed over to prosecutor’s office

Freddy Díaz, the Peruvian congressman accused of raping a congressional worker in the parliamentary seat itself, has been placed this Monday at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office after the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the impediment to leave the country.

The parliamentarian, a member of the Alliance for Progress formation, was in unknown whereabouts since last Thursday, when the complaint against him for the alleged crime of sexual violence was made public.

Thus, Diaz has appeared early Monday (local time) with his lawyer at the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office, to whom he has handed over his own passport, according to the Peruvian radio station RPP.

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Previously, the accused has contacted the Canal N channel to give his version of the facts and defend his innocence. “I reject all acts of violence against women and, precisely, that is why I am here today, putting myself to law so that the Prosecutor’s Office can initiate this procedure,” he said.

According to the newspaper ‘El Comercio’, the complainant said that she was drinking alcohol with the congressman while they were talking about work issues. After that, taking advantage of her unconsciousness, the congressman would have committed the rape.

After the case was made public, the party in which Diaz militates announced his immediate expulsion. “We condemn this execrable act of sexual violence and request the rapid intervention of the Attorney General’s Office and the Judiciary,” the party said in a statement.

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