WhatsApp introduces admin delete, the feature that allows you to delete any post on WhatsApp

WhatsApp group administrators will have a delete option, allowing them to delete any post, even those shared from other users’ accounts.

WhatsApp will provide group administrators with a feature that allows them to delete any post distributed on discussion groups. This means that conversations can be censored at the will of the people who manage WhatsApp groups, leaving users with no way to decide whether to keep or delete their posts, and deleted messages will disappear for all subscribers to the channel.

The new feature appears exclusively for WhatsApp group administrators and can be identified as “delete for everyone”. After use, the name of the user who made this decision appears next to the bubble of that message and remains visible to all followers of that channel. Of course, the message will disappear permanently.

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The new functionality is already being tested with WhatsApp version beta for Android and will be included in the official version of the app in the coming weeks.

The deletion option for group administrators is just part of a wider package of measures designed to ensure the privacy of conversations, from the introduction of end-to-end encryption technology for connections, the option to send messages with an expiration date (which automatically disappear after a certain period of time), to the “Invisible” mode where any WhatsApp user will be able to hide their online/offline status from people in their contact list.

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