Pension funds remain optimistic about crypto-currencies and want to invest now

Investments made by pension funds have suffered substantial losses due to the market downturn, and this is especially true for pension funds. The greatest interest in the crypto-currency market is seen in North America.

Fund managers concerned about the future of American workers have found themselves at a crossroads that has forced them to think hard.

This year’s poor conditions and large market losses have forced pension fund managers to consider whether to double down on their investments in crypto-currencies or turn their sights to other assets.

Funds have chosen to gain exposure and double down on crypto-currencies for two main reasons, firstly because when the market recovers, this asset will tend to perform much better than the stock market, and secondly because after nearly a year of bear markets, the time may be right.

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Pension fund investments in crypto-currencies

Last fall, the pension fund in Texas invested $25 million in crypto, specifically in Bitcoin and Ether, and despite losses amounting to half the face value, it did not give up.

The Texas fund Ajit Singh, has invested $5 billion as reported in a WSJ article, despite the volatility and the fact that the market is not currently in their favor, this choice will pay off in the long run.

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In a world so interconnected but also so diverse, not all analysts agree with the overexposure to digital currencies, proof of this is the $300 billion teacher fund in California that vetoed investments in crypto-currencies due to the massive risk, at least in this period and with this current legislation.

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