Pedro Almodóvar, highly critical of Madrid’s healthcare system in his speech at the Feroz Awards

Pedro Almodóvar received the Feroz Award of Honor in tribute to his career this Saturday in Zaragoza, a very special moment in his professional career that he shared with many colleagues, but he dedicated it specifically to Agustí Villaronga.

In his speech, emotional and grateful, he has also charged against. the health policy of the Community of Madrid, with which he was very critical. “Speaking of health, I wanted to ask for a round of applause to see if it reaches Madrid’s Puerta del Sol: for the health workers who exposed their lives in the pandemic, before the barbarism that is being carried out in the Community where I live.“, he asked the audience.

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“Our healthcare system is on the verge of collapse.. I understand that the gala has another purpose, but the health problems of Spaniards affect us all, regardless of whether some of us have the possibility of going to private healthcare. The universal and free public health system is one of the pillars of our welfare society. Here’s to them. Let’s hope that this reaches Madrid”.

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