Google drops one of the Pixel Tablet versions. Will launch only the Pro model

Google announced the Pixel Tablet as early as the middle of last year, with the original plan being for two models, the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Tablet Pro.

Expected in the first part of 2023, the Pixel Tablet series will feature a version of Android with optimizations for large-screen devices as its core. Thus, future tablet and foldable phone models will enjoy screen-friendly interfaces on different formats, and the Pixel Tablet will be the flagship that demonstrates the benefits of Android L to other OEMs.

Provided by Google itself, the first images of the Pixel Tablet suggest that it will be a mid-sized model, positioned in the “premium” segment. It adopts a “wide” screen format, not square like Apple’s iPad models, and the interface will resemble Android 13 on a slightly larger and more streamlined form factor. Google will not focus on advanced camera integration, with a single camera on the back and a front-facing, central camera in landscape mode.

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Meanwhile, Google appears to have adjusted the plan originally thought up after the Pixel series of phones. According to rumors, the company has ditched the device’s “vanilla” trim, moving forward with just the Pro model. With or without the Pro designation still attached to the model name, it looks like there will be a single Pixel Tablet version, presumably delivering superior features at a more competitive price.

Also from rumors, we learned last fall that the Pixel Tablet might use a two-year-old processor, only with 4G support and would not have a GPS receiver, and was intended as a device for use in the home. With any luck, this version of the hardware won’t catch the official launch.

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As for the Pixel Tablet Pro, it’s expected with a 2560×1600 pixel resolution LCD display, with Google optimizing the configuration for an affordable price point. More than likely, the tablet will feature the latest Tensor G2 chipset, helped with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and ultra-fast 256GB UFS storage. The offering could also include a detachable docking station, to be used for video conferencing sessions and hands-free movie watching, taking advantage of the built-in speakers.

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