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Starbreeze Studios heeft de eerste update uitgebracht voor “Operation Medic Bag” van Payday 3, gericht op het verbeteren van de ervaring en het oplossen van verschillende problemen. Het bevat ongeveer 300 bugfixes en verbeteringen, waaronder ondersteuning voor Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution (v3.5), DLAA (v3.5) en DirectX 12 voor PC-spelers.

Er is ook een nieuwe uitdaging beschikbaar in Cook Off, waarbij het veiligstellen van 19 zakken meth een unieke wapencharme oplevert op Overkill-moeilijkheidsgraad. De vangst? Ze moeten perfect gekookt zijn. Wat betreft functies, een lobby onklaar functie, controller dode zone instellingen en roterende beveiligingsmodificaties voor Very Hard en Overkill-overvallen. De modifiers worden elke twee weken bijgewerkt, met plannen om meer toe te voegen voor stealth- en luide spelers.

Bekijk enkele van de patchnotities hieronder en volledige details hier. Payday 3 is beschikbaar voor Xbox Series X/S, PS5 en PC. De lancering kreeg een gemengde reactie, en Starbreeze gaf toe dat het “aanzienlijk lager presteert” dan verwacht. Plannen voor updates in 2024 omvatten verbeteringen aan Infamy, offline spelen en andere nieuwe functies.

PAYDAY 3: Update 1.1.1 Changelog

Update Highlights & New Features

  • In addition to about 300 bug fixes and improvements getting implemented, we’re happy to introduce the first of the features coming out of “Operation Medic Bag”, our grand game improvement project.

Nvidia Image scaling upscaler (NIS), Nvidia DLAA(v3.5), Nvidia DLSS super resolution(v3.5).

  • Some new tech features that let us take advantage of Nvidia’s advanced features.

DirectX 12

  • Added DirectX12 as the standard graphics API, inhouse testing shows a significant performance improvement when using DX12. DX11 remains and can be manually chosen with the launch option “-dx11”.

Hardcore “Cook Off” Challenge Reward

  • There’s a new challenge called “Kiss the Chef.”
  • Securing 19 bags of perfectly cooked meth on Cook Off on OVERKILL difficulty will reward a unique weapon charm.

Various UI improvements

  • We’ve made several fixes to the UI, such as adding sliders, as well as added the much requested lobby unready function.

Controller Dead Zone settings

  • Additional controller settings allow for a much finer customization of your controller gameplay.

Rotating Security Modifiers

  • Starting with this patch, we’ll be rotating security modifiers on all heists for Very Hard and Overkill difficulty, to freshen up the experience. We’ll be updating the modifier distribution every two weeks. In the future, expect more stealth modifiers and loud modifiers in the rotation.

Game State Consistency

  • The game will now remember if you’ve chosen to show or hide the story videos in the heist selection even after restarting the game.
  • Lobby type and difficulty will now automatically be set to the same as the previous game.

Known Issues

  • Skill point assignment has been reset on loadouts but you retain your earned skill points, so remember to recreate your builds after updating the game.
  • [PC] The introduction of DX12 support has helped us to identify an issue that is present in the previous version of the game that we were unable to reproduce on DX11. This means that there is a rare edge-case issue while using GeForce Experience/Shadowplay’s ‘Instant Replay’ feature can cause a system lock if you ALT+Tab during game startup, or while switching between fullscreen and windowed modes in the game’s video settings.
  • We advise turning off ‘Instant Replay’ in the Nvidia settings to prevent this issue while we work on a fix for this.


  • The game will now remember if you’ve chosen to show or hide the story videos in the heist selection even after restarting the game.
  • Lobby type and difficulty will now automatically be set to the same as the previous game.
  • Prevented a party slot from being reserved if the player aborted or failed to join the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue of where bumping into an escorting guard will reset the escort
  • Fixed an issue of where guards don’t react if players bump into them while investigating.
  • Fixed an issue of where keypad highlights are hard to read due to lighting conditions
  • Fixed a possibly crash happening during an OVK weapon drop
  • Fixed an issue with security camera marking targets along with sensor tool outlines
  • Fixed an issue of where some skills selected in loadout were not active in the heist
  • Fixed an issue with the controller in menus where it becomes unresponsive after switching inputs
  • Fixed an issue of where the drill fixing animation keeps playing after canceling the interaction when two players start the interaction at the same time
  • Tweaked so that keypads highlights are now easier to see
  • Fixed a potential crash on crew AI
  • Fixed an issue of where lobby chat input didn’t work when entering pre planning lobby
  • Fixed an issue of where players can throw civilians through cuttable fences when it’s not been cut yet.
  • Fixed an issue with no outline is shown when a radio pops up on a dead guard
  • Fixed a plausible crash from Crew AI
  • Fixed an issue of where attack drones didn’t target crew AI
  • Fixed an issue of where picking up dead bodies ended up in T-pose and horizontal when released
  • Fixed an issue with first aid kits and repair kit outlines which couldn’t be seen in the distance
  • Improved Cloaker sneaking to be more reliable
  • Fixed an issue with voting in heists, where if a player left during a voting session, they still counted in for the final result
  • Fixed a crash related to loadouts when setting weapon pattern color
  • Fixed an issue of where players were unable to move or shoot after being revived a third time
  • Fixed so ECM jammer icon doesn’t get stuck on screen permanently if the player that put it down leaves
  • Fixed an issue of where players sometimes being ready in lobby didn’t move them into the session
  • Fixed an issue of where players were able to get infinite throwables/placeables & tool ammo.
  • Tweaked so that drones may now be highlighted by sensor tools
  • Fixed an issue of where NPC civilians sometimes didn’t react to broken windows

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