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Oriol Mitjà: “Monkeypox will not be a pandemic like covid, but it is a serious infection”


The epidemiologist Oriol Mitja assured this Thursday that “the monkey pox it won’t be one pandemic As the covidHowever, he hasn’t shrugged it off. serious outbreak of one serious infection“, he specified. In this sense, the expert indicates that the most important thing is to know what the transmission mechanism of the virus is, which “feels more comfortable in humans”, he added.

In an interview on the TV3 program ‘Planta Baixa’, Mitjà recalled that “the symptoms of monkeypox appear from the fourteenth day after being infected. It starts with a fever and then vesicles appear on the skin with a point black in the middle.

Finding the “epidemiological link”

So far, cases of monkeypox have appeared in United Kingdom, USA Y Portugal. In Spain, the Ministry of Health has confirmed seven positive cases and has activated the alert for others 23 suspects in Madrid, which are pending confirmation. “The most important thing right now is whether all these cases have a epidemiological link each other,” said Mitjà.

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