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Instagram is testing a new version of Stories that hides excessive posts


Instagram Stories is a great way to stay up to date with the news on Instagram, but you can easily be overwhelmed by too many posts distributed from some of the accounts you follow. Inevitably, you lose interest, without reaching the less privileged Stories of Instagram algorithms.

The problem starts with the fact that the Stories feature has been designed with a limit of 100 posts per day, applicable to each user. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true popularity of Instagram comes in handy. stories distributed from other accounts. Even worse, the content that is distributed “in bulk” is often of poor quality, so that users end up losing interest in Instagram, in general.

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Trying to address these issues, Meta is testing (for the time being with a limited number of users) a Stories version that implicitly displays only the last three added posts, with the idea of ​​giving the chance to someone else on the contact list it seeks to and make the presence felt. Under the new formula, Instagram Stories posts contain a Show All button, which you must activate on purpose to see the rest of the posts, if you are really interested to see what the Instagram star you are following has to show. Otherwise, the summary navigation will automatically jump to the next History, after viewing three posts distributed by that person.

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For Instagram creators, the change has major consequences, spamming the Stories section with poor quality posts becoming counterproductive and even harmful to the success of that page.

It remains to be seen whether Meta will “formalize” this experiment, motivating the creators to post less, but better, in the Stories section.

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