Elon Musk asks the public if it’s time to step down as Twitter CEO

Since buying Twitter, Elon Musk has been very concerned with posting as much as possible on the network, including making decisions that affect the smooth running of the company by polling users. After repeated missteps over the past two months and several scandals, Musk has put a poll on his profile, promising to honor the results. The question is whether it’s time for him to step down as Twitter CEO.

Musk promises to honor the poll on his Twitter account

Musk bought Twitter two months ago for $44 billion, but he is now not the sole owner of the network. There are still a few associates who own minority stakes, and most of the money needed for the purchase was borrowed from banks and investment funds.

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What Musk is proposing, however, is not to sell the company or offer pieces of it to lenders, but simply to step down from the CEO’s chair, leaving decision-making about the network in someone else’s hands. Incidentally, Musk said at the time of the acquisition that he doesn’t want to be Twitter’s CEO and that the position he holds is temporary. So it’s not exactly surprising that Musk is looking for a way out.

At the time of writing, Elon Musk’s poll has three hours to go, and the vote is overwhelmingly for “YES”, i.e. for stepping down. But the score is pretty close after 15 million votes. 57% say they want Trump to stop running Twitter, while 42% say he should continue. That’s plenty of time for “NO” to equal and surpass “YES”.

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Regardless of the outcome of this poll, Musk will continue to influence the direction of the company. He owns most of the company, and any other CEOs that are hired will answer directly to Musk, so a change like this will probably not have the outcome that those voting “YES” want.

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