Opera announces ChatGPT integration in its browser for fast summary generation

Opera’s browser is one of the oldest that some internet users still use. It has survived over time by adapting to new technologies and user requirements, being among the first to switch from a proprietary engine to Chromium, among the first to integrate VPN and built-in ad-blockers, and among the first to offer “crypto” features. Now Opera comes with one of the first ChatGPT integrations in the market, just days after Microsoft’s announcement that it was promising to integrate these features into Edge.

Opera adds AI-assisted features directly to the browser

Opera’s promised functionality is not much different from what Microsoft has announced for Edge. Basically, a new menu will be integrated into the sidebar, allowing quick access to ChatGPT. Using a button in the address bar, called “shorten”, you can quickly create a summary of the information on the page you have open, so you can more quickly extract the details you’re interested in without having to read all the text.

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The summary is divided into an organised list, easy to navigate and easy to use as a reference when writing a text. It appears to use ChatGPT in its regular version, without additional customizations, as promised by Microsoft. In the case of Edge, it’s a ChatGPT version called Project Prometheus, which is not yet publicly available. This not only can do quick summaries, but even allows composing text from scratch based on main ideas.

Most likely, such AI features will become more and more present in our internet browsers. Google will integrate its Bard linguistic AI into Google Chrome for sure after it publicly releases it in its web search engine.

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The feature will be available in Opera in the very near future, and Opera promises to be working on new AI-assisted features, probably including the ability to generate images and other content that is starting to become increasingly popular.

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